Life 100 years photovoltaic power generation cable

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You can spend the happy life by giving the person 100 years later a dream.
The death comes over to any human being by all means.
A thing and the thought do not die.

I can sell a high-performance electric wire.
The use is solar generation.
It is the only electric wire in the world that I can use safely more than 40 years.
In Japan, big to the photovoltaic power generation facilities which are usable for 40 years; is interested.
Even if equipment cost is high, the generation unit price becomes cheaper.

The present electric wires are mainly using Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)as materials of insulation and/or jacket. As for PVC insulated and/or Jacketed electric wire, a period of service is about 20years.

To our children’s children’s children

Seven big crimes of the 20th century capitalism

1.(Politics without Principles)
2.(Commerce without Morality) 
3.(Wealth without Work)
4.(Knowledge without Character) 
5.(Science without Humanity) 
6.(Pleasure without Conscience)
7.(Worship without Sacrifice)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

We sympathize with these words.
We find the answer and act.




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